Garden Furniture Oil

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    Garden Furniture Oil

    A unique clear finishing oil that penetrates, nourishes and seals timbers, whilst enhancing the natural hues with a rich wet look. Combining the technical component oils from decking oil with the 'hard oil' qualities of tung oil in a clear base enables the finished result to be as natural as the timber used. 

    It penetrates the timber substrate to nourish, preserve and seal; as well as providing protection against weather degradation and rot.


    Filtered, unmodified Tung Nut Oil, Citrus, Eucalypt and Pine Wood oils/extracts with dissolved, refined Bees Wax, UV rated colourants in the form of dyes added to Red & Gold Enhancers to extend longevity of product under full sun.


    Exterior – Preserving and finishing timber garden furniture, spa panelling shutters, louvres, gunstocks, marine trims & handrails and may be used on joinery under full verandah protection. Red Hardwood & Gold Teakwood Enhancers will give even more longevity to fully exposed timbers.

    Internal – Timber bench tops and vanities in wet areas ie. bathrooms & laundries (follow the Wet Sanding procedure). The ingredients in this product best address their needs, though not to be used on flooring.

    Garden Furniture Oil Information & Data Sheet

    Working with decking, railings, fences or gates? We recommend Organoil's Decking Oil as a hard-wearing solution for these applications.

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