Pure Tung Oil

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    Pure Tung Oil

    Pure Tung Oil is obtained from the seeds of a tropical tree—the Tung tree (Aleurites fordii). It is a member of the spurge Family, and can also be known as China Wood Oil or Nut Oil. The seeds found in the centre of the tung fruit contain more than 50% Tung Oil, which is available when the seeds are ground and pressed. The oil is amber coloured, and contains a high proportion of eleostearic acid.


    Can be used as a timber finish and is widely used as a drier in varnishes and paints. Pure Tung Oil is also a most Effective seal for concrete bench-tops, floors , slate/ stone, terracotta, mud brick (adobe) and other similar constructions. The finish is more suited for interior or exterior/protected use than fully exposed exterior, due to a lack of UV resistance.

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