Milescraft ScribeTec Versatile Scribing Tool

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    Milescraft ScribeTec Versatile Scribing Tool MC-8407

    A versatile handheld scribing tool

    For precise and accurate scribing. The handheld Milescraft ScribeTec is perfect for a number of applications including architectural mouldings, cabinet trim, counter-tops, and a variety of other projects. With the ScribeTec you can easily maintain consistent offsets and stay parallel to your surface. With an articulating pencil head, you have increased flexibility for scribing over a variety of materials. The compact design means the ScribeTec takes up little room in the toolbox.

    Ideal for scribing

    • Offsets
    • Edgework
    • Flooring
    • Circles
    • and more…
    • Easily maintain consistent scribe offset, keeping parallel to surface every time.
    • Articulating pencil head, for complex handles.
    • Adjustable writing instrument grip that can hold a No. 2 pencil, carpenters’ pencil even a Sharpie (or similar) marker.
    • Built-in pencil sharpener for keeping your lead sharp and line crisp.
    • Retractable, spring-loaded, locking precision point for precise radius.
    Materials ABS Plastic, Steel
    Includes ScribeTec and No. 2 Pencil


    $18.50 (inc GST)

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