Milescraft 300mm Carpenter's Square

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    Milescraft 300mm Carpenter's Square MC-8460

    Layout a square, right angle or measure angles.

    The multi-functional Milescraft MCSquare300 is the perfect reference measurement and marking tool for precise woodworking, remodelling, and many other applications. With the built-in easy angle readout, you can also mark 30-degree and 45-degree angles. Need to draw a circle? This square can do that too, simply remove the fence and secure the square with a nail or screw.

    Sturdy, Lightweight, Aluminium Body

    • Inside outside scales for measuring and marking the inside and outside of your work-piece
    • 300mm square with 10mm notch spacing
    • Two quick angle finders for 30° and 45°angles
    • Elongated notches for accurate line scribing
    • Three holes that are 32mm apart and 37mm from the edge for the layout of shelf pins
    • Holes for the layout of standard 26mm and 35mm hinge cups
    • 3mm thick Anodised Aluminium
    • Marking holes for Rafix 20 system and Rafix 20 system with dowel
    Dimensions 300mm x 200mm
    Material Aluminium


    $37.90 (inc GST)

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