Magswitch Magnetic Indicator Saw Alignment Gauge

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    Magswitch Magnetic Indicator Saw Alignment Gauge MSW-81101304

    Magswitch magnetic mitre slot saw blade indicator

    Measure the alignment of your table saw blade relative to the table and the mitre slot to allow very fine adjustment of blade parallelism and fence spacing in relation to the blade.  The indicator is easily attached to steel cross fences that ride in the mitre slot or to your cast iron table top. The adjustable slot piece allows for the indicator to slide and fit a wide variety of mitre slot spacings.


    • Works with cross fences for easy measurement of table and blade alignment.
    • Allows for micro-adjustment of the table saw fence in any position.
    • Fast actuation of 2 magnets with a linked push pin.
    • Compatible with a wide variety of table saw makes and models.


    Nominal Max Breakaway Force: 54kg (120lbs)
    Nominal Maximum Shear: 8.1kg (18lbs)
    Net Weight: 0.55kg (1.2lbs)
    Footprint: 125mm (L) x 150mm (w)


    $199.90 (inc GST)

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