Magnetic Featherboard Pro Universal

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    Magnetic Featherboard Pro Universal MSW-81101303

    Professional universal featherboard for table saw fences

    The all NEW Magswitch Universal Featherboard Pro provides a heavy force against the table saw fence in either the left-handed or right-handed positions. The wide base magnets and gaskets provide excellent grip even when placed over the table saw mitre slot. Additionally, two micro adjustable bump feet allow the tool to function as a versatile stop for cross cuts and slots.


    • Compress gaskets provide excellent grip when magnets are engaged.
    • Increased width for stability.
    • Magnet footprint spans most mitre slots.
    • Functional in left or right-handed positions.
    • Two smooth bump stops independent adjustability using thumb wheels improve visibility of magnet ON/OFF state.
    Nominal Max Breakaway Force: 57kg (1260lbs)
    Nominal Maximum Shear:  23kg+ (50lbs)
    Net Weight: 0.55kg (1.2lbs)
    Footprint: 134.4mm (L) x 158.2mm (w)
    Bump Stop Adjustment Range:  14mm


    $169.90 (inc GST)

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