Luci Clear Gel Epox-E Glue

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    Luci Clear Gel Epox-E Glue

    LuciClear - Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue is a tough, easy to use, two-part clear drying epoxy adhesive. Epox-E-Glue is suitable for all types of wood joinery where a clear glue line is required.

    Available in three kit sizes, please select your preferred option from the dropdown menu

    Everyone wants a and easy to use two-part epoxy that’s super tough. Everyone also wants an easy-to-use epoxy that hardens crystal clear. Well stop wanting and check this out - Luci Clear - Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue. An easy to use, tough, clear hardening epoxy glue for all types of wood joinery.

    Virtually invisible glue lines

    Behold the Holy Grail of woodworking. The clear gel LuciClear Epox-E-Glue allows woodworkers to produce virtually invisible joints without unsightly glue lines. This enhances the overall beauty of your piece. Fame and glory will be yours.

    Easy to use

    The next best thing about LuciClear Epox-E-Glue is that it is a no fuss epoxy adhesive that is easy to use. The 2:1 resin to hardener ratio by volume to keeps things simple. It cures within two hours and reaches optimum strength in approximately 24 hours.

    No shrinkage

    Because it is a gel, Epox-E-Glue is able to bridge gaps, with a quick “hold” property and does not shrink on curing. When cured you can finish it with regular sandpaper to blend in with the rest of your woodworking project or sculpture.


    • Glue joints needing a clear glue line
    • Glue joints with many or varied gaps to produce a clear glue line
    • Clear fillets in high class boat building
    • Filling and restoring knot holes or other flaws in timber
    • Art resin workers can tint or pigment it and brush it out for texturing with minimal pigment smearing or flow

    Who are LuciClear

    LuciClear Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue was developed and is manufactured in Australia by Boatcraft Pacific Pty. Ltd. Epox-E-Glue is a natural extension of LuciClears enormously popular Luci-Clear casting and coating resin range.



    Mix Ratio

    2 parts resin to 1 part hardener by volume

    Curing time

    2 hours – set

    24 hours – cured

    Curing times dependent on ambient temperatures

    Shelf Life

    24 months once opened

    For maximum life, containers should be kept sealed and stored in a dark cool place


    Kit Size

    Resin Qty

    Hardener Qty










    150g Clear Finish
    $42.90 (inc GST)
    450g Clear Finish
    $57.90 (inc GST)
    750g Clear Finish
    $79.90 (inc GST)

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