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  • Luci Clear Art Resin

    Luci Clear Art Resin – Crystal Clear

    Luci Clear Art Resin is a specially formulated Epoxy Resin system specifically for Resin Art Work.

    Available in either a 1.5L or 3.0L kit. Please select your option from the dropdown menu.

    Luci Clear Art Resin has been carefully optimised to display art work patterns and colours at their best. You can create art that has amazing intensity and clarity ensuring that no bubbles spoil the appearance. This is Art Work Resin for Artists!

    How to Use

    Luci Clear Art Resin is a two component plastic resin that can be coloured, poured over a level surface and then manipulated for special effects using hairdryers etc. It sets to a hard, strong, non-brittle glossy coating. Luci Clear Art Resin can also be applied to uneven surfaces and statues by pouring and brushing.

    The product can be post cured to withstand surface temperatures of 80-85 degrees, prevent surfaces being marked by hot coffee cups etc. Luci Clear Art Resin is resistant to most household liquids and chemicals including Red Wine.

    What’s in the Kit

    Luci Clear Art Resin is available in either a 1.5L or 3.0L kit. Each kit comes with enough resin and hardener to make up the total quantity advertised in a 2:1 ratio. 

    Benefits of Luci Clear Art Resin

    Easy to use - with detailed and easy to follow instructions.

    Safer – the ingredients selected minimise fumes and vapours. It's non-flammable with no solvents.

    Bubble free - provided the instructions are followed, your work will be free of unsightly bubbles.

    UV Resistant - UV absorbers help to resist damage from the sun’s ultraviolet light.

    LuciClear Casting Resin was developed and is manufactured in Australia by Boatcraft Pacific Pty. Ltd.


    Hardness when set Shore 82D
    Colour Clear
    Mix Ratio 2 Resin:1 Hardener


    Please note: Quantities may be made up for multiple smaller bottles. eg. 2L may be 2x1L bottles.

    Kit Resin Qty Hardener Qty
    1.5L 1L 500ml
    3L 2L 1L

    LuciClear Artist Resin - Product Data Sheet

    1.5L Kit
    $89.00 (inc GST)
    3.0L Kit
    $155.00 (inc GST)

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