Dust Extractor Machine Exhaust Hood - 210 x 210mm

  • Dust Extractor Machine Exhaust Hood - 210 x 210mm YW-1001

    Sherwood's Machine Exhaust Dust Hood offers unbeatable value

    Capture dust at the source and send it directly into your dust collection system with Sherwood's Dust Hood. We've been using this hood for some time and we've found it a phenomenally easy attachment that makes it far easier to collect dust and saw chippings, a very enviable, efficient attachment.

    A dust hood that can be built into bases and shop-made chute systems to extract from any number of machines! With the 4” outlet towards the bottom of the hood, they are perfect for using at the bottom of a chute – such as that of a jointer.

    Sherwood's Machine Dust Hood Features

    • Easy solution for catching sawdust
    • Outlet: 4-Inch for hose or pipe (ID: 92mm, OD 100mm)
    • Tough, durable ABS plastic material

    Why we think this Exhaust Hood is so good?

    Versatility is key with these sorts of chute add ons and Sherwood - as a timeless manufacturer of machinery for over 30 years - has emphasised an incredibly easy to install, universal design that we've already used on several machines in our workshop with sensational results.

    Recommended where the hood is likely to be installed vertically as gravity will assist in the flow of chips, this exhaust hood is brilliantly designed to allow maximum output due to an extremely efficient air-flow design. 

    $10.90 (inc GST)

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