Hand Clamps

Hand clamps cover a broad group of clamps that, simply put, are handheld! Able to help with both basic and more complex tasks, you’ll find a range of hand clamps at Timbecon. Easy to use and adjust and also incredibly durable, our collection of hand clamps are used by professional and beginner woodworkers alike. 

Discover the different models in our collection of hand clamps, including:

  •  F-clamps: F-clamps or speed clamps, range from short to wide throats and opening capacities, and are used for clamping many different sizes of  workpieces depending on the clamp specifications.

  • Bar and Sash clamps: These are some of the largest clamps available in woodworking. Their rugged construction and long working length allow larger projects to be clamped together, especially useful for cabinetmaking.

  • Quick-release clamps: These have a mechanism that allows for fast and easy adjustment, making them very efficient for projects where frequent repositioning is required. They're popular in woodworking and assembly work.

  • Toggle clamps: Known for the lever-action mechanism, toggle clamps are ideal for tasks needing quick and repetitive adjustments. The consistent pressure and easy adjustability make them essential for jigs and fixtures. 


Discover the Versatility of Timbecon’s Hand Clamp Collection

Explore our range of hand clamps online at Timbecon! We know hand clamps are an essential tool for many woodworkers, which is why we take care to include a variety of styles and sizes in our collection. No matter your woodworking project, we’re confident you’ll find the right clamp. 



What types of hand clamps are available at Timbecon?

Timbecon offers a diverse range of hand clamps, including spring clamps, bar and sash clamps, F-clamps, and quick-release clamps. Each type is designed to meet different clamping needs in woodworking projects.

Do you offer different sizes across your range of hand clamps?

Absolutely. There are many different-sized hand clamps in our collection at Timbecon, so you have a range of options depending on what you need. You can also choose between a range of throat depths, clamping force, and clamp opening capacity.

How do I choose the right-hand clamp for my woodworking project?

Select a hand clamp based on your project's needs. Consider the clamp's opening capacity, throat depth, and clamping pressure. For delicate work, choose clamps with softer jaws to avoid damage.

What kind of woodworking projects can I use hand clamps for?

You can use hand clamps for a range of woodworking projects, from basic functions like holding pieces during gluing and securing workpieces for cutting to furniture making and cabinetry.

Do you offer discounts for purchases of multiple clamps?

At Timbecon, we have a range of clamp packs or sets available. These are a great choice if you’re setting up a workshop or looking to replace an old and tired set. Speak to our team today to discuss bundle or pack options for clamps.

How do I properly maintain hand clamps?

Keeping any type of clamps in good condition is relatively simple: regularly clean your clamps, removing any adhesive or wood dust. Lubricate moving parts to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Store them in a dry place to prevent corrosion.

Are there any safety considerations when using hand clamps for woodworking?

Always ensure clamps are securely fastened to prevent slipping. Don't over-tighten, as it might damage the workpiece or the clamp. Wear protective gear if necessary, and maintain a tidy workspace.

Do you provide any warranties or guarantees for your hand clamps?

Timbecon provides a minimum two-year warranty on all our products, including our hand clamps, bridging gaps from the original manufacturer's warranty. For hand clamps from Sherwood, we extend this guarantee to five years, and for Torquata hand clamps, we provide a Limited Life Time warranty, subject to specific conditions. Learn more about our warranty policies on our FAQs page, or reach out to our knowledgeable team for further assistance.