Torquata Clamp Rack - Suits F-Clamps Holds 15

  • Torquata Clamp Rack - Suits F-Clamps Holds 15 CLRK-15

    You can never have enough clamps. But where do you put them all?

    So if you have been woodworking for any length of time, you undoubtedly have a heap of clamps. For so many woodworkers these clamps are strewn all over the workshop, can't be found when you need them, or are just a trip hazard waiting to happen. With these Torquata Clamp Racks, you can neatly get all your clamps up off the ground and onto the wall. Never again be halfway through a glue up and be looking for that missing clamp that is somewhere in the workshop. It will be on the rack. Plus let's all be honest, why own all those clamps if you can't show them off neatly on the wall. Let's get your workshop Instagram ready.


    It is time to upgrade your clamp storage solutions today.


    Please note: This doesn't include clamps.

    Overall Length 620mm
    Space Width 7.3mm
    Tine Width 32mm
    $34.90 (inc GST)

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