West System Epoxy Resin Applicator Kit

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    West System Epoxy Resin Applicator Kit W-80-KIT

    Everything you need for applying Epoxy to your projects.

    West System Epoxy Resin Roller Covers

    For extremely smooth results. These thin polyurethane foam covers are the only roller covers recommended for epoxy application. The thin foam allows you to control film thickness, avoid drips and runs, and get a smoother coating. The 180mm covers can be cut for smaller jobs, narrow strips and tight areas.

    Glue Epoxy Resin Mixing Sticks Pk 8

    They're high-quality, hard wearing, cost effective and purpose-built by the same company that for 50 years has been making the industry-best resin they mix. They don't promise any fancy features. They're quite simply just an excellent mixing stick. 

    Glue Epoxy Resin Mini Syringes Pack of 2

    Quick and effective application. These excellent syringes from West System - industry-leading manufacturer of epoxy resin and other glues for the past 50 years - are designed to compensate for all the challenges regular resin users know too well.

    Glue Epoxy Resin Plastic Spreader Squeegees 150mm Pk 2

    Squeegee with confidence. This 150mm spreader is manufactured using a hard plastic with a fine edge. It is a reusable spreader for flow coating, fairing and filling applications and even applying fabrics.

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