West System

For Aussie tradies who demand the best, West System epoxies are more than just adhesives – they're a guarantee of strength, versatility, and unwavering reliability. Whether you're crafting exquisite furniture, repairing boats that battle tough Aussie waters, or tackling demanding structural projects, West System has the epoxy solution you need.

Why Choose West System?

  • Proven track record: Trusted by professionals worldwide for over 50 years, West System epoxies boast a proven history of performance and innovation.
  • Superior strength and durability: These high-performance formulas create incredibly strong bonds that withstand demanding environments and heavy loads.
  • Unmatched versatility: From laminating timber to filling cracks and gaps, waterproofing wood, and even creating stunning artistic effects, West System caters to diverse applications.
  • Crystal-clear clarity: Choose from a range of clear epoxies that enhance the natural beauty of timber, making them ideal for high-end furniture and boatbuilding.
  • User-friendly: With user-friendly formulations and readily available hardeners, West System epoxies are easy to mix, apply, and cure, even for those with limited experience.
  • Australian-specific solutions: Timbecon, the official distributor of West System in Australia, ensures you have access to the right products and expert advice tailored to local conditions and project demands.

Building with Confidence: West System Applications

For the furniture maker:

  • Create incredibly strong and durable joints for tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces.
  • Repair cracks, chips, and damaged areas seamlessly with crystal-clear epoxies.
  • Achieve stunning decorative effects like inlays and river tables with unique coloured epoxies.

For the boat builder:

  • Bond marine plywood and timber securely for watertight construction.
  • Repair damaged hulls, decks, and transoms with epoxies that resist moisture and harsh marine environments.
  • Create custom fillets and strengthen structural components for ultimate boat integrity.

For the general trade:

  • Waterproof timber for outdoor applications like decks, cladding, and joinery.
  • Fill cracks and gaps in concrete, masonry, and other materials for lasting repairs.
  • Create custom adhesives for specific project needs with versatile epoxy formulations.



Which West System epoxy is right for my project?

Timbecon offers a comprehensive range of West System epoxies, each formulated for specific applications. Contact their expert team for personalised advice based on your project needs.

How easy is it to use West System epoxies?

West System formulations are designed for user-friendliness. Timbecon also provides detailed instructions, online resources, and expert guidance to ensure successful application.

Are West System epoxies safe for use in Australia?

Yes, West System epoxies meet relevant Australian standards and safety regulations. Always handle and use them according to instructions and safety precautions.

Where can I buy West System products in Australia?

Timbecon is the official distributor of West System in Australia. You can find their products online, in their physical stores, and through authorised resellers nationwide.

Can I get technical support for my West System project?

Timbecon offers comprehensive technical support to ensure your project's success. Contact their team for troubleshooting, product advice, and application guidance.

Building with the West System is choosing confidence, strength, and reliability. With their diverse range of high-performance epoxies and expert support, you can tackle any timber project with the assurance of superior results.