West System 502 Black Pigment for Epoxy Resins

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    West System 502 Black Pigment for Epoxy Resins

    West System Epoxy Resin Colour Pigments 

    WEST SYSTEM colour pigments can be added to the epoxy to provide a base colour for a final finish system. Such coloured surfaces can be used to highlight flaws and imperfections for subsequent treatment. Pigments should be added at a rate of approximately 3-5 % by weight and should only be added to the final coat of epoxy because the increased viscosity of the mix will impair the ability of the epoxy to penetrate and seal surfaces.

    This product is recommended for mixing with the epoxy to fill in gum veins with a black epoxy which is popular in modern furniture.

    Glue Epoxy Resin Pigment Paste Black 125mL


    125mL Bottle
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