Torquata Quick Action Bench Vice

  • Torquata Quick Action Bench Vice

    Each vice has two solid steel guide bars which are 23mm diameter, with another deep-cut thread screw bar to ensure high clamping pressure is maintained without any slippage. They have fully ductile cast iron jaws that are tapered to allow clamping of slightly out of square stock. Both jaws have holes pre-cast so you can attach your own wooden sub-faces to prevent timber being clamped from marking or you can make jigs and fix them easily to hold odd-shape material.

    The quick action release mechanism is all steel and cast-iron construction for long life and superior clamping strength. The handles are made of solid 17mm solid steel bar so they will never bend over the lifetime of the vice.

    A height-adjustable dog is built into the face of the vice so you can use it in conjunction with bench dogs to clamp work pieces above the bench top.

    Bench Vice Features

    • Reliable, trusted vice manufacturer
    • Solid steel guide bars
    • Deep cut-threaded screw bar for high clamping pressure under any conditions
    • Fully-ductile cast-iron jaws for a wide variety of stock
    • Long-life mechanism with entire steel and cast-iron construction
    • Handles that are guaranteed to never bend
    • Height-adjustable dog
    175mm Wide 175mm Capacity
    $149.00 (inc GST)
    230mm Wide 230mm Capacity
    $179.00 (inc GST)
    265mm Wide 265mm Capacity
    $229.00 (inc GST)

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