Torquata Butterfly Key Spline Bit

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    Torquata Butterfly Key Spline Bit BKS-286-H

    Create strong loose tennon joints with the Butterfly Key Spline Router Bit

    A butterfly key spline bit allows you to make strong loose tennon joints that are either hidden or can be used decoratively - such as butt joints on end-grain, as tray legs or even a simple chopstick stand. It can also be used for drawer and table extension slides. 

    Run your own moulding using this bit and if necessary, cut a slot using a dovetail bit with a 14° angle. To run the moulding, setup the centre point of the bit in the centre of the timber and make two passes on either side then machine as neccesary for use in a variety of projects.

    For better safety, these bits should be used only in a router table equipped with a fence and not used free hand. Only available in a 1/2in shank to suit material 12 – 45mm high.

    Check out some great uses for this bit on the Woodworker's Journal website.

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