Torquata Biscuit Slot Cutter Kit

  • Torquata Biscuit Slot Cutter Kit

    Torquata Biscuit Slot Cutter Kit

    Great Value to Get Biscuiting. Perfectly designed for clean, quick cutting, these 4mm thick slot cutter assemblies - available in 1/4in and 1/2in shanks - come with the standard bearing for #20 biscuits plus the bearings to reduce the cutting depth to use on the smaller #0 and #10 biscuits. 

    1/4in shank slot cutter assembly 4mm thickness

    Great Value to Get Biscuiting. Biscuits are available in three common sizes to suit different size work pieces with the most common size being the largest – the #20 biscuit.

    • #20 biscuit - 56 x 23mm
    • #10 biscuit - 53 x 19mm
    • #0 biscuit - 47 x 15mm

    About Biscuit Joinery

    Biscuit joining is a simple, quick and effective method of locating two work pieces for jointing timber that was developed by Lamello in Switzerland. You simply put the work pieces together, mark a common point on both and use that as a reference to cut a 4mm slot approximately halfway down the side of the timber, most commonly using either a router bit slot cutteror a dedicated biscuit joining machine.

    Squirt glue into the slots on both work pieces, pop a biscuit in and run glue along the remainder of the edge of the joint then clamp it together. The biscuit absorbs the glue, swelling and locking the work pieces in together tight. For thicker materials, you can use two biscuits  in the same location at differing heights increasing the joint strength even more.

    It is a very simple, quick and effective method of assembly that is used commonly in the joinery industry.

    $59.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $69.00
    1/2in Shank Slot Cutter
    $59.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $69.00

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