iVAC produce one of the world’s finest automated dust control systems.

Designed for literally any dust extractor from a humble 1HP single-phase unit right through to any industrial-size three-phase dust extractor system and everything in between, the iVac Pro MSC System is now available in Australia to upgrade and automate your dust control system.

It works by fitting the main controller unit to be a part of the dust extractor's electrical system. The complete system is fully-certified and has been designed to be 100% safe to be used in any workshop in Australia. 

The main controller then can either be operated by the remote control as well as the unique iVac Tool Plus - a system component that takes minutes to install and allows you to control the operation of your dust extraction system by turning your power tool or machine on or off. The Tool Plus also fully integrates with the iVac Automated Blast Gates to open or close the blast gates in the system as required.

What this means is that with a fully operating system you can design and program your dust control system to follow you around the workshop - operating in sync with you and any number of other people in the workshop so that dust control is completely automatic.