Mitre Saws

Woodworking is more than a craft, it’s a blend of skill, passion, and utilising the right tools to create something amazing. At Timbecon, we value precision, striving to ensure that every angle, every cut, is perfect. Explore our range of mitre saws, where quality intertwines with innovative functionality, to help you create excellence at every angle. 

From our compact mitre saws to the robust functionality of our larger models, each saw is engineered to meet diverse cutting needs. Whether you are delving into detailed picture frames, mouldings, or robust outdoor structures, our mitre saws stand as steadfast companions, turning your woodworking visions into tangible masterpieces.


Timbecon’s Mitre Saws: Your Essential Cutting Tool 

Stable and safe, our collection of mitre saws can help you with a range of projects. Basic mitre saws are the perfect tool for straightforward, accurate crosscuts, while compound mitre saws allow for bevel and mitre cuts, allowing you to be more creative - an invaluable asset for any project demanding multi-angle cuts.


Experience precise cuts with Timbecon’s range of mitre saws

Embark on your next  woodworking experience with the help of Timbecon’s range of mitre saws. Cultivate your skill, precision, and creativity in our project with tools that resonate with reliability and excellence.
Don’t forget to browse through our wider range of saws to ensure you have all the tools to create a masterpiece. From timber and wood hand saws to heavy-duty and compound mitre saws, you can ensure you get the perfect cut every time. 



What types of mitre saws do you offer?

At Timbecon we stock several types of mitre saws, including compact and heavy duty standard mitre saws (best for simple crosscuts and mitre cuts) and compound mitre saws (known for its ability to pivot and tilt to accommodate more complex cuts).

How do I choose the right mitre saw for my woodworking needs?

Consider the types of cuts and the size of materials you’ll be working with to choose a mitre saw that best fits your woodworking requirements.

Can I adjust the blade angle for both bevel and mitre cuts?

Yes, our saws with compound cut ability allow for adjustments in the blade angle to perform both bevel and mitre cuts with precision.

Are your mitre saws suitable for both hardwood and softwood?

Absolutely! Our saws are versatile and suitable for cutting both hardwood and softwood with efficiency.

How do I maintain and care for my mitre saw to ensure longevity?

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and proper storage will ensure the longevity and performance of your mitre saw.

Are there any guarantees or warranties provided with your mitre saws?

Yes, our mitre saws come with guarantees or warranties, reflecting our confidence in their quality and durability.

Can I use the mitre saw for materials other than wood?

With appropriate blades, our mitre saws can cut various materials, including plastics and aluminium, expanding their usability.

Are replacement parts, such as blades or fences, available for purchase?

Replacement parts, such as blades, are available at Timbecon - so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps upending the progress of your woodworking project.

What is the difference between a basic mitre saw, a compound mitre saw, and a sliding compound mitre saw?

A basic mitre saw makes straight crosscuts and mitre cuts at various angles. A compound mitre saw adds the ability to make bevel cuts, and a sliding compound mitre saw extends its reach, suitable for wider materials.

What safety features are included in your mitre saws?

Our mitre saws are built with user safety as a priority, featuring non-slip handles, and cutting slots for safe and stable operation.

Do your mitre saws come with dust extraction features?

No, our mitre saws are handheld and do not have dust extraction features.

What is the maximum cutting depth and width of your mitre saws?

From the compact mitre saw to the heavy-duty, the cutting capacity varies across models. You can choose the model based on the specific depth and width requirements of your project.

Do you offer any instructional guides or videos for using your mitre saws?

All our mitre saws come with instructional guides from the manufacturer. You can also look at our library of general DIY videos that cover plenty of different tips and tricks for woodworkers of all levels and abilities. If you can’t find a video with the exact information you need, get in touch with one of our team today. Their top-notch knowledge of our products, and the woodworking projects they are suited to, means they can help you with your requests.

How do I calibrate the saw for accurate angle cuts?

Our saws allow for easy calibration, enabling you to lock in your selected angle and achieve precise and accurate cuts for your projects.

Are your mitre saws portable or designed for stationary use?

Yes! All of our hand mitre saws are portable.

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