Static Dissipative Tapered Reducer Elbow Extractor Fitting

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    Static Dissipative Tapered Reducer Elbow Extractor Fitting AXD-600103

    Static Dissipative Tapered Reducer Elbow Extractor Fitting

    For creating smooth 90 degree hose turns with minimal loss of air performance. Moulded from an industrial static conductive resin to maintain your vacuum's static grounding pathway. Tapered on one end for easy friction-fit hose connections. Fits over the 2" ports of standard Dust Deputy cyclones.

    This vacuum elbow is injection moulded from a lightweight static conductive resin and designed for use in electronically sensitive and industrial applications. Works in conjunction with other static conductive materials (e.g. hoses, the Dust Deputy DIY, the Ultimate Dust Deputy, grounded vacuums, etc.) to maintain a grounding pathway. The smaller opening is tapered to allow for quick and easy hose connections.

    Please note: This elbow is nearly identical to the one packaged with the Ultimate Dust Deputy the difference being that this elbow does not contain the pre-installed port for the Ultimate's Bag Hold Down system's suction tube. As such this should not be ordered as a replacement elbow for the Ultimate Dust Deputy.


    Connection Type Male / Female
    Static Resistance Rating Static Conductive
    Colour Black
    Inner Diameter 1.75" (A)
    2.125" (B)
    Outer Diameter 2" Tapered (A)
    2.25" (B)
    Country of Manufacture United States
    $30.00 (inc GST)
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