Snappy Quick-Change Chuck & Goldscrew Countersink Set

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    Snappy Quick-Change Chuck & Goldscrew Countersink Set SN-43400

    The Snappy Countersink and Chuck Set is the basis of any successful cabinet or furniture making workshop

    Hell, we reckon it's about the most useful set in woodworking. If you have a look through our full Snappy range you can see we sell a 25-piece belt pouch set and some various other sets that include everything you could possibly need to quickly and easily make very attractive pieces, however in this set we've stripped the Snappy range back to the bare essentials.

    If you're just getting started, this is the perfect set for you. You can research the chuck in depth here and the countersinks here.

    Why are Snappy countersinks so good?

    Snappy pioneered the drilling countersink, they're OG if you get what we mean (we don't). The gold screw on every countersink is a brilliant innovation that holds it tighter and allows more accurate, quicker drilling than other countersink screws on the market. Meanwhile you can pilot hole simultaneously, saving you time and hassle.

    Okay, what about the Quick Change Chuck?

    The quick-change chuck is another no brainer. If you're working on decent sized projects the ability to perform all actions from one drill without constantly having to screw and unscrew chucks is a wrist-saver and cuts down on one of the biggest hassles of this kind of woodwork. As always, watch our video for more info!


    Includes the standard Quick Change Chuck (SN-40011) plus three most popular Gold Screw Countersinks (SN-43007, SN-43008, SN-43009.) Once again, you can research the chuck in depth here and the countersinks here.

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    RRP: $95.90

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