Snappy Countersink Plug Cutter Drivers & Chuck Set Made in USA

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    Snappy Countersink Plug Cutter Drivers & Chuck Set Made in USA SN-48010

    Quick Change Chuck, Countersinks, Square and Phillips Drivers all in a No-Rip Belt Pouch.

    This is the Big Cahuna of Snappy Kits and just like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, we're only going to tell you once: this is one tasty deal. It's rare, given Snappy's quality, their US manufacturing, design and testing that they'll collate their biggest sellers into one combo at great value like this, but we actually think they might be showing off. A Belt-Clip Pouch and everything? C'mon. It's the Snap-Daddy of all Snappy Kits.

    Everything you need for perfect countersinking in one heavy-duty carry pouch

    We've been impressed with the belt clip, we've found it's stuck up to our workshop use really effectively without a hint of tearing (which is impressive considering we've caught it once or twice). But it definitely comes in handy, because if you've ever built furniture you know you can spend just as much time looking for drill bits as you do building the ruddy thing.


    • Tapered ends for a perfect, snug fit
    • Snappy guarantee quality
    • Precision-milled with flutes
    • The 82° countersink angle matches the angle on the head of most wood screws.
    • Gold screw for perfect hold
    • Designed-Machined-Assembled in the USA


    Get the four Gold Screw Countersinks to suit #4, #6, #8 & #10-Gauge Screws plus the Evergreen 3/8in Plug Cutter, #2 Phillips and #2 Square Driver with the Quick-Change Chuck, all in a convenient Belt-Clip Pouch so you'll never misplace them.

    $199.90 (inc GST)

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