Silver Foil Aluminium Insulation Duct Tape

  • Silver Foil Aluminium Insulation Duct Tape ACES-10499

    Do your best. Duct Tape the rest!

    So you've made yourself an amazing piped in dust extraction system but you are not getting as strong suction as you thought you would be. Most of the time this is because of small gaps in your connections letting the tiny amount of suctions escape. So that is why we sell silver foil aluminum insulation Duct Tape. This tape is a great way to seal up all those connections and couplings in your dust extraction setup. This can also seal up those connectors that are not quite the tight fit you were hoping. 

    Comes in 2 sizes: 48mm and 80mm. Please choose which size you want from the drop-down menu. Both sizes are 25m in length.

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