Side Rabbet Plane

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    Side Rabbet Plane LSR-001

    Luban's Side Rabbet Plane is perfect for reversible, adjustable rebating and grooving

    This plane incorporates two manually adjusted blades with a reversible, adjustable depth stop. Perfect for cleaning up rebates and grooves, ensuring a proper fit. The body is precisely machined from 40cr tool steel and the T10 steel blades are hardened to RC59-63. The front is easily removable for conversion to a bull nose configuration for corners. 

    Luban Side Rebate Plane Features

    • Designed to be used vertically, for cleaning up dadoes, grooves and rabbets
    • Solid cast steel body precision ground to be flat, square and true
    • Ambidextrous design means it can be used both left and right handed
    • Features two independently adjustable T10 carbon steel blades with 25 degree bevels
    • Includes an integrated depth stop and removable nose to cut right into corners

    Why should you buy a Luban Side Rebate Plane? 

    The depth stop on these side rabbet planes is simply amazing. It always ensures you don't overcut and the plane's nose is completely removable, making it extremely flexible - you can use these to access extremely tight areas and corners, perfect for dadoes, grooves and rebates. The level of thought that has gone into the design of these rebate planes is incredible - it's even ambidextrous, meaning you can use it equally effectively left or right handed.

    There was a golden age of planes, when the quality and design on the market was simply irresistible. However, if you’re looking for a new plane, some of the age-old planing manufacturers simply don’t make them like they used to. It’s a sad but well-known fact that among modern plane manufacturers, you’re often better off looking to new brands for the best value for money.

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