Shield Technology Care Kit

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    Shield Technology Care Kit SHIELDKIT

    Tools and machines are not cheap. Shield technology products are the best choice for protecting your investment from rust.

    The Shield Technology Corrosion Control Kit contains five best selling products in one fantastic kit.

    HoneRite Gold 250ml
    ProtecTool Wax Polish 200ml
    Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner 500ml
    Restore Rust Remover 250ml
    VanGuard Wipes Pk 5

    HoneRite Gold

    HoneRite Gold is a universal grinding, honing and lapping additive that makes water non-corrosive. It is supplied as a concentrate and is added to water, protecting both the machine and anything in the vicinity that may get splashed. It is highly recommended for use with all makes of powered water stone grinder eg. Tormek, Scheppach, Jet, Delta, Shinko etc. It can also be used with Japanese water stones and diamond honing plates. 

    ProtecTool Wax Polish 

    ProtecTool Wax Polish is perhaps the most popular corrosion inhibitor to be added to the Shield Technology range, designed specifically for the woodworker but which is rapidly finding new uses by metalworkers, model engineers and museum conservators. ProtecTool wax is a unique blend of soft microcrystalline waxes and corrosion inhibitors that hardens on exposure to air. It is applied sparingly with a soft cloth, allowed to dry for a few minutes and then buffed. In addition to protecting tools such as hand planes and saws, and machine tables it reduces friction dramatically. ProtecTool wax does NOT contain any silicone compounds which would interfere with adhesives and finishes.

    Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner

    Meeting the requests from professionals and amateurs, for a fast working pitch and resin remover.  Shield Technology has produced a water-based, biodegradable product which works fast - very fast. Unlike products which are hydrocarbon-based, there is no detrimental effect associated with the transfer of the cleaner to the timber being processed.  As many will know, there is a move away from solvent-based paint systems to more environmentally friendly water-based products.  The problem is that the presence of any hydrocarbon on the timber will spoil water-based paint finishes. The product is available in 500ml plastic bottles supplied with a separate trigger head spray.  

    Restore Rust Remover 

    Restore Rust Remover is a water-based, non-acidic, non-toxic, biodegradable derusting concentrate.  The contents of the 250ml bottle, when mixed with plain tap water makes 5 litres of reusable fluid. Because it does not contain any acids, only the rust is removed, leaving good metal undamaged.  Once the rust has been removed the chemical reaction stops. (Products containing phosphoric acid will remove both the rust and a certain amount of good metal which may not be desirable).  Because of the absence of acids, there is no danger of flash rusting occurring when parts are removed from the bath.  In fact, parts will remain rust-free without further protection for a considerable period, allowing plenty of time for painting, chemically blackening, or plating parts or tools. The derusting solution may be used over and over again until the solution becomes blackened and the reaction time becomes excessively slow.   Because the residue is completely biodegradable the spent solution may be flushed down the drain without harm to the environment. 

    VanGuard Wipes Pk 5

    VanGuard Wipes are a versatile and quick means of applying corrosion inhibitor to a surface. Each wipe is packed in an individual sachet. The wipe is saturated with a triple action corrosion inhibiting package. It contains a highly refined low viscosity Swedish mineral oil which provides simple barrier protection. The equivalent of an oily rag.  However, the oil also acts as the carrier for powerful ferrous and non-ferrous metal contact corrosion inhibitors and also a powerful vapour phase inhibitor. These wipes are designed to be used after giving your machine or tool a good clean and should provide a level of protection that your tools deserve.

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