Sherwood Bandsaw Rip Fence System

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    Sherwood Bandsaw Rip Fence System RF-5

    With a Sherwood Band Saw Rip Fence, you can't skip on accuracy

    An exceptional-quality aftermarket bandsaw fence that will vastly improve your cutting performance and accuracy.

    The front rail has a unusual extruded shape that pulls the fence square when the camlock lever locks it into place. The length of the front rail measures 500 mm and has a 90mm width. The fence arm itself measures 60mm high, with a useable length of approximately 460mm once mounted on the front rail. It will reach across the distance of most tables.

    The rear rail is there to support the back ledge of the fence arm, so table width is not critical. The viewing lens on the fence arm itself is magnified, which makes it easier to line the fence accurately against the graduations.

    Which fence should I choose?

    After careful adjustment to get the measurements reading accurately, clamp the fence arm to the front rail and then lay the whole assembly on to the bandsaw table to exact where to drill the holes.

    The great news is that the holes on the front rail are elongated so once you have the fence basically correct, you can fine tune it by loosening the bolts and sliding the fence along the holes until it lines up superbly. This is a fantastic way of ensuring excellent accuracy in your cuts.

    Note: The elongated mounting holes are set perpendicular, not parallel as pictured. They are inset approximately 35mm from each end. 

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