Sherwood 750W Benchtop Portable Drill Press

  • Sherwood 750W Benchtop Portable Drill Press DPB-750

    We reckon this 750W Sherwood Benchtop Drill Press is the perfect all-rounder

    The fact is, most floor drill presses are overkill when you see them in your standard workshop. Even the huge 1500W Floor Drill Presses we have in ours tend to be used mainly on projects that this 750W model would be at home. The extra power this boasts over a 375 or 550W model can certainly come in handy, especially if you're drilling into the centre of large stock or plan on working with hardwoods. 

    Put simply, this Sherwood model passes our Jarrah and Marri test with flying colours. But if you're on the fence whether the swing is going to offer you enough capability, come and check it out in store for yourself or watch our videos on the range. We think you'll find, for the standard work we find most of our customers undertake, that it will actually exceed your general requirements.

    Each machine has modern safety enhancements, cast-iron tables, worklights and heavy-duty chucks with large quills.


    • 4-Pole, 1400rpm motor produces double the torque of standard 2-pole motors
    • An LED working light on a flexible arm is now included to illuminate the work space for better accuracy.
    • Micro-switch built into pulley cover means it can't be accidentally turned on when changing speeds

    The heavy, stable base, large vibration-absorbing head and decent size working table all combine to make it great for all jobs and is finding itself in many satisfied workshops.


    Motor Size 750W
    Run Out 0.03mm
    # of Speeds 16
    Speed Range 220 - 2840rpm
    Spindle Travel 82mm
    Swing 360mm
    Chuck Capacity 3 - 16mm
    Quill Size 55mm
    Post Diameter 85mm
    Table Size 290 x 290mm
    Base Size 270 x 440mm
    Height When Assembled 990mm
    Machine Weight 58kg
    Plug AU - 10amp

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $65.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns page for more information.

    $589.00 (inc GST)

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