Pine Brush

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    Pine Brush PB-105

    The Pine Brush is a synthetic hair brush with a ply backing that you mount in your hand drill. Why was it called the Pine Brush? To be honest we have no idea. We don’t even know why we have continued to use the name. It just kinda stuck.

    Bung in your drill and run it at full pelt. Simply pass it over your tung-oil based finish or carnauba and beeswax based finishes while it is still new and damp. The friction activates the oils and waxes, causing them to harden, polishing it to a consistent and attractive finish. We have even made a video so you can see for yourself. Check it out!

    It works brilliantly with the Organoil products like the matte finish Hard Burnishing Oil or satin finish Danish Oil.  It also works well with the Gilly Stephenson's range. It speeds up the application and drying time, removing copious amount of elbow grease in the process. Unlike other burnishing techniques, it has the added benefit of being able to follow contours and moulded finishes, creating an even and attractive lustre on every part of the work piece.

    Ok. Yes, it’s a lot of money for a one-off job. But if you’re doing a fair share of oiling and waxing, the time saved and the high quality finish make it worthwhile. With virtually no maintenance and wear, it will last you for years with hardly any work to keep it in shape. That’s more than most of us can say for ourselves, right?

    It comes standard with a 3/8in steel arbor to run it in your hand drill.

    $75.00 (inc GST)

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