Oneida Dust Extractor Reducer

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    Oneida Dust Extractor Reducer

    Heavy-Duty Metal Dust Extractor Fitting Reducers for Oneida Dust Collection Systems

    We wanted fitting reducers in our workshop that we could simply fit and install once and then know that we would never even have to look or check them for the rest of our lives. These are those reducers - make no mistake, they're the toughest fitting reducers you'll ever find.

    While our plastic hose reducer fittings are well designed enough to make them useful for a variety of applications - we check each model to make sure they're up to scratch - our extremely durable, hard-wearing metal options will provide a lifetime of service without sacrificing ease of use.

    Why do we think Oneida's Fitting Reducers are so good?

    Useful for reducing the diameter of your ductwork runs for connecting to your tools and/or flex hose, this Galvanized Steel Ductwork Reducer is raw (uncrimped) on both ends and is available in a variety of pipe diameters. Useful for reducing the diameter of your ductwork runs for connecting to your tools and/or flex hose. Ends measure 2" deep and can be crimped in the field using a common Crimper Hand Tool.

    Extractor Fitting Reducer 125 - 100mm Metal Suits Oneida SDD

    Designed for the Oneida Dust Collection Systems, folded and spot welded galvanized steel for long life, with high-quality metal construction ensuring it remains reliable for the duration of your requirements. The final three extractor fitting reducers range from 125 - 100mm to 150 - 125mm reducer fittings.

    What's the best way to apply foil tape on ductwork?

    We've heard from many customers who've had great success using a simple Wallpaper Roller to smooth out their foil tape, giving a very smooth, clean look on your ducting. The roller helps smooth out air bubbles and crinkled marks while making it easier to get those hard to reach places on hanging ductwork.

    We do not carry this product but it can be found easily at your local hardware store or home renovation outlet.

    Length of Ends 1.875"
    Ductwork Type Standard
    Connection Type Female
    Shape Round
    Primary Build Materials Galvanized Steel
    Thickness 24 Gauge
    Welding Spot Welded
    Static Resistance Rating Conductive (Metal)
    Color Silver
    Country of Manufacture United States
    125 - 100mm Oneida Reducer
    $67.90 (inc GST)
    150 - 125mm Oneida Reducer
    $59.90 (inc GST)

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