Milescraft Universal Featherboard - Single

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    Milescraft Universal Featherboard - Single MC-1406

    Reduce kickbacks by applying proper and consistent tension between a workpiece and the fence of a power tool with the FeatherBoard. Versatile enough to be used in almost any table saw or router application. This handy safety device includes 5/8″(16mm) and 3/4″ (19mm) mitre bars and T-slot bolts to work in unison with your trusty power tool.

    Innovative FeatherBoard Design

    • Consistent tension holds workpieces securely against the power tool’s fence when cutting or mitering
    • Unique pre-load tension design allows consistent cuts with a reduced chance of kickback
    • Ergonomic knobs help prevent over-tightening and are easy to loosen
    • Split-rail mitre-bar construction provides maximum hold
    • 3/4″(19mm)  and 5/8″(16mm) wide mitre bars and T-slot bolts
    • Mounting hardware included for nearly any operation
    • Can be mounted to the left or the right of the blade
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