Kirschen Veneer Cutting Saw

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    Kirschen Veneer Cutting Saw KIR-4200

    Kirschen Veneer Saws: More than just a veneer, these are the real deal

    This 76mm (3in) cutting saw is specifically designed to achieve smooth finishes in wooden veneers, almost eliminating tear-out through careful attention to detail. Veneers are between 0.4 and 0.6mm and built to glue onto a material such as ply, so these saws have to be of the highest quality.

    The veneer cutting saw has a lacquered beech handle with a 15 TPI high-carbon steel blade that is traditionally made in Sheffield. The blade length is 76mm, the blade is offset with teeth on both side.

    Why Kirschen Veneer Saws?

    Kirschen, or Two Cherries, have been manufacturing some of the finest tools and saws in the world for over 155 years. From the idyllic north-German city of Remscheid, these aren’t just another saw. They’re a piece of history, from the Kirschen family to yours. 

    As the company say, “Take care of these tools, your children and grandchildren will thank you.”

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