Kirschen Gent's Dovetail Saw

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    Kirschen Gent's Dovetail Saw KIR-4150

    Get backsaw to basics

    Kirschen, or Two Cherries, are a family-owned company which have been manufacturing high-quality woodworking tools for over 150 years. So, when they take on an old classic in a new light, it's worth sitting up to take notice. 

    Dovetail saws beautifully crafted in Germany

    This 203mm (8in) Gent's saw, otherwise known as a backsaw and built for achieving world class dovetail and tenons by hand, offers the operator excellent stroke cuts in hard or soft wood, and it's this simplicity and versatility that makes it such an enticing option.

    With a high-quality steel blade and beautifully ergonomic straight handle, this Gent's saw is yet another example of Kirschen proving themselves a formidable force in every aspect of woodworking manufacturing they turn their sights to.


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