King 100 Grit Japanese Ceramic Flattening Stone

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    King 100 Grit Japanese Ceramic Flattening Stone WSF-155

    If you are using waterstones to sharpen edge tools, you need to keep your sharpening stones flat. This Japanese Ceramic Flattening Stone is made for flattening sharpening waterstones of any kind. Perfect for anyone who needs an economical yet effective flattening stone.

    Using waterstones to sharpen your edge tools is great option for anyone wanting to sharpen their tools by hand. The key to sharpening with waterstones is to keep your sharpening stones flat. By design, waterstones lose their shape during the sharpening process as the clay matrix wears to expose fresh abrasive particles. For optimal results, you must flatten your waterstone regularly.

    Your King 100 Grit Ceramic Flattening Stone

    This King 100 Grit Japanese Ceramic Flattening Stone is ideal for flattening all types of waterstones. Its aggressive hard ceramic abrasive particles will flatten and dress your waterstone and will never wear out. The stone features four slots across its face to relieve the cut allowing slurry to move away as you work.

    How to use a flattening stone

    Flattening your waterstone is simple. Set your saturated waterstone down securely on a work surface. Using a circular motion rub the ceramic stone along and across your waterstone with moderate downward pressure. Check progress by holding your waterstone up to the light to assess the flatness of the stone. A flat waterstone will have no “dishing” on its surface.

    Flatten regularly

    If you want to produce a well sharpened edge, your waterstones must be flat. It’s a good idea to always flatten your waterstone before and during the process of sharpening.

    Features and benefits

    • Economical and easy flattening or dressing of all types of waterstones
    • 150 grit hard ceramic stone that will wear
    • Four relief cuts to ease the sharpening process
    • Easy to use and hold

    Made in Japan

    This Japanese Ceramic Flattening Stone is a high-quality product, 100% designed and manufactured in Japan.




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