King is the major manufacturer of man-made sharpening stones in Japan and have become well-known around the world for producing uniform grade well-made stones that last most users a longer period of time than expected for the cost.

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  • Bench Waterstones - Fine

    Used for the final sharpening process – simply sprinkle a few drops of water on for lubrication and put that razor-sharp edge on your tools. The 4000 grit stone is good value-for-money whilst 6000 grit will provide a very fine edge for a few more bucks.

    Both stones measure 185 x 65 x 19mm and come mounted on a plastic base for ease of use on a bench.

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    From $44.90 (inc GST)
  • Multi-Form Water Slip Stones

    These Japanese manufactured stones have a series of concave forms, ideal for honing carving chisels. Also included is one double-sided convex slip stone for inside the gouge.

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    From $51.00 (inc GST)
  • Nagura Stone Cleaner NGS-1

    $18.00 (inc GST)
  • Water Slip Stones

    From $26.00 (inc GST)
  • Waterstone Flattening Ceramic Plate

    Waterstone Flattening Ceramic Plate WSF-150


    $38.00 (inc GST)
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