King is the major manufacturer of man-made sharpening stones in Japan and have become well-known around the world for producing uniform grade well-made stones that last most users a longer period of time than expected for the cost.

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  • 1000/6000Grit Combination Bench Waterstone WS-16000

    A cost-effective method of buying two stones-in-one. Supplied as a reversible 1000/6000grit combination, this stone will suit most woodworkers as the 1000grit side can be used for preparing and dressing the tool, whilst the 6000grit stone can be used to finish the sharpening process.

    It is recommended to keep the 1000grit side suspended in a water bath when not in use.


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    $75.00 (inc GST)
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  • Bench Waterstone - Superfine WS-8000

    For the ultimate edge on your tools you can’t go past this stone. A very generous size for all chisels and plane blades (210 x 73 x 22mm), this stone comes on its own stand. The abrasive used in the manufacture of this stone is of the highest purity, ensuring that you receive a top-quality man-made stone.

    Once you have sharpened on this stone you can virtually skip lapping the edge of your tool and get straight into use.

    Comes with its own cleaning stone.

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    $139.90 (inc GST)
  • Bench Waterstones - Coarse

    King is the major producer of manufactured ceramic waterstones in Japan and for good reason – they produce the best low-cost manufactured stones in the country and generally regarded as the industry-standard waterstone, not only in Japan but also Australia.

    The 800grit stone is for repairing major nicks in your woodworking blades and chisels or for your general household sharpening. The 1200grit stones are perfect for giving your tools a quick touch-up if you sharpen regularly before moving on to your finer grit stones.

    These stones should be stored in water when not being used.

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  • Bench Waterstones - Fine

    Used for the final sharpening process – simply sprinkle a few drops of water on for lubrication and put that razor-sharp edge on your tools. The 4000 grit stone is good value-for-money whilst 6000 grit will provide a very fine edge for a few more bucks.

    Both stones measure 185 x 65 x 19mm and come mounted on a plastic base for ease of use on a bench.

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  • Multi-Form Water Slip Stones

    These Japanese manufactured stones have a series of concave forms, ideal for honing carving chisels. Also included is one double-sided convex slip stone for inside the gouge.

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  • Nagura Stone Cleaner NGS-1

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  • Water Slip Stones

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  • Waterstone Flattening Ceramic Plate WSF-150

    $38.00 (inc GST)
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