Health Of Mind Art Cast Away Ultra Clear Art Resin

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    Health Of Mind Art Cast Away Ultra Clear Art Resin

    Health of Mind Art Cast Away Resin is an art resin designed for thin casting and pour over art.

    It is a 2-part epoxy resin system. It is designed as an easy to use 2:1 mix ratio by volume. Cast Away is suitable for artwork and thin casting applications. Cast Away has a medium cure speed allowing for quick physical property development and demoulding and exhibits a low viscosity giving excellent air release leading to minimal bubble formation.


    Cover working area with cardboard or plastic. Cast Away can be poured into moulds made from plastic, silicone, or timber coated with a suitable tape or mould release agent. For best results, apply at temperatures between 15 and 25ºC and at below 85% humidity. Air bubbles introduced during mixing will typically dissipate during cure. If required, a heat gun or butane torch can assist in the removal of bubbles. Care should be taken to avoid over heating in one spot – sweep the heat gun continuously across the surface for a few seconds. The mixed product should be cured in a dust free area, and should be covered during cure.


    Avoid working in conditions that could cause condensation to form on the uncured coating, and give rise to amine surface “bloom” or “blush”. Do not thin this product. Do not change the mixing ratio. If casting exceeds 20mm there is the potential for excess heat to develop, giving rise to shrinkage and/or discolouration. 

    This product is designed for thin casting applications. For applications exceeding 20mm deep, it is recommended that Health of Mind River Cast Resin be used instead.

    MSDS for Part A

    MSDS for Part B

    From the founder Dayne Beams

    "In June 2019 I was admitted into a rehab facility for a gambling and drug addiction that was controlling my life and ultimately having a huge impact on my mental health.

    I was very closed minded and wasn’t open to new things , I flipped this on its head and was willing to try anything to help me moving forward and part of the alternative forms of therapy was art therapy , the first time I spent in the art room I fell in love and had all of a sudden found something that was so beneficial for my mind. 

    While I was working with epoxy I always had things I was never completely satisfied with and this was mainly because the products I was using just weren’t at the quality I needed and what became really evident now upon reflection and having worked with some very smart chemists was the information I was receiving from my suppliers was total fiction and this really is a theme across the board from my own experiences , from there I put hours and hours into research and working closely with our manufacturing team so that I was comfortable enough to start selling our own epoxy systems 

    Health Of Mind Art now has its very own manufactured epoxy resins art products that we supply to people all over Australia working with timber and resin through to artwork. We sell high quality products that are market leading while also providing vital knowledge and information to our customers. We are specifically formulating epoxies for your artistic needs . This is our sole focus providing you with high quality epoxies , Dayne absolutely loves talking all things epoxy so always feel free to come in and meet us . Our number one aim is to provide you with the right information."


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