FastCap Metric Magnetic Shim Set

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    FastCap Metric Magnetic Shim Set FC-04151

    A revolutionary Magnetic Shim Set

    FastCap Mag Shims are the easiest way to set your blade height and fence spacing on your table saw, router or any other woodworking machine. Simply stick the magnetic shims together for a perfect setup in seconds! Also great for setting the depth on drill presses.

    The set contains Six 2mm shims and Two 1mm spacers so you can set up anything from 1-14mm in just seconds.

    Mag Shim Metric Set Features

    • Non Marring plastic
    • High performance, durable trade magnets keep the shims firmly clasped on your saw
    • Add or remove shims for exact, precise spacing

    These FastCap Mag Shims make spacing quick and easy, with a standard 1mm and 2mm spacing.  We find them particularly useful for table saws and drill presses, but they'll set router depth in a breeze and are also fantastic for spacing layout projects.

    $49.90 (inc GST)

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