Dust Extractor Reducer 100mm - 57mm

  • Dust Extractor Reducer 100mm - 57mm YW-1092

    Sherwood's Extractor Fitting Reducer to adapt dust hose from 100mm - 57mm

    Convert your extraction ducting with this durable extractor reducer. Made from tough but lightweight polyproylene, these reducers are handy because they can easily and quickly attach a 100mm dust extractor to a 57mm outlet, or you can turn it on its head and run the extraction fittings the opposite way.

    Small Side: 54mm ID, 58mm OD
    Large Side: 95mm ID, 100.5mm OD

    Why run a Sherwood Dust Connection Reducer?

    These connection reducers are built to last and carefully tested to ensure the measurements align perfectly, adding a new level of versatility to your hosing and preventing you having to run multiple lines, which can be a real hassle in your average space-saving workshop set up.

    $7.90 (inc GST)

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