Dust Extractor Fitting Connector 57mm (2 1/4in)

  • Dust Extractor Fitting Connector 57mm (2 1/4in) YW-1065

    Sherwood's brand new 57mm to 57mm Dust Extraction Hose Connector

    We've launched this brand new 57 mm to 57 mm (2 1/4 in to 2 1/4 in) dust extraction hose connector to keep up with the growing demand for specific dust extraction fittings and it's been a massive hit. Now you can connect virtually every measurement of dust hose imaginable in the Sherwood range and benefit from the careful attention to detail that comes with every Sherwood dust extraction fitting.

    Dust Hose Connectors with a difference

    With a heavy-duty design and careful testing all the way through the manufacturing process, we can guarantee these connectors will offer incredible service for a lifetime. Like all Sherwood manufacturing, they provide the highest quality, best-tested fittings available on the market. Trust a brand that don't just make dust collection fittings, but entire dust collectors as well.

    Measurements: Inner Diameter 51mm, Outer Diameter 56.75mm

    $5.01 (inc GST)

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