Crown Adjustable Try Square

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    Crown Adjustable Try Square 124-XW

    The last Try Square you'll ever need.

    If you’ve been woodworking for a while you will appreciate this beautiful square. The 1.5mm-thick solid brass blade can mark up to 105mm from the face of the handle. It is held to the 75 x 38mm Rosewood handle with one fixed brass pin and can be adjusted square with the two lead screws running through the handle by adjusting them in the base of the handle.

    Try squares can be a problem in the workshop if they lose accuracy. The reason for this is either that the blade has been knocked or the timber in the handle has moved over time. This pocket-size square overcomes the problem by allowing the blade to be adjusted, relative to the handle. This is done by two small screws found in the bottom of the handle. The square features a 3mm solid brass stock on the handle to protect it and a 2mm thick solid brass blade. 100mm long blade.

    This means your square will last a lifetime as it can always be brought back to square no matter what happens to it.

    15 x 3mm brass strips cover the front and back face of the handle (included in the 38mm-wide measurement above) and it has an excellent weight in the hand. The size is great for general lay-outs and machine setups. 

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