We're proud to still be stocking our very special friends over at Arbortech, who have continued to show that the Aussie woodworking industry is capable of staying one step ahead of the trend.

Arbortech started in Nannup, a small country town in the South West of Western Australia where Kevin and Kristine were living an “alternative lifestyle”. Inventing had always been a love of Kevin's and most of his woodworking tools were a result of experimentation. When Arbortech was formed in 1988 to commercialise their first successful product “the Woodcarver Blade”, they promised that they would continue with this philosophy and search for people who also enjoyed their work.

The result is that Arbortech tools are designed, made and marketed in Australia by people who love tools. Naturally the staff are formally qualified but there is no better qualification than their level of commitment and enthusiasm which is embodied in every one of the products below. The goal is to produce interesting products that are a joy to use with marked improvements in performance and safety over existing tools.

Why Arbortech?

Arbortech tools are engineered for those who take woodworking seriously. Whether you're sculpting, carving, or shaping, Arbortech offers a range of products that cater to every aspect of your woodworking projects. From the Power Carving Unit that turns any angle grinder into a versatile carving tool, to the precision of the TURBO Plane and the detail offered by the Mini Carver, Arbortech ensures your craftsmanship can reach new heights with tools designed to enhance your work, not hinder it.

Sustainability and Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Arbortech's philosophy, with a strong focus on sustainable practices. By choosing Arbortech, you're not just getting a tool; you're investing in a piece of innovation that values the environment as much as your craft. Arbortech's commitment to reducing waste and enhancing efficiency is evident in every product they create.



What sets Arbortech tools apart from others?

Arbortech tools are known for their innovation, durability, and precision. They're designed specifically with the professional woodworker in mind, ensuring high-quality results in every project.

Can Arbortech tools be used by beginners?

Absolutely. While designed for professionals, Arbortech’s intuitive design makes their tools accessible for woodworkers at any skill level looking to elevate their craft.

How do I maintain my Arbortech tools?

Regular maintenance such as cleaning and sharpening the blades will ensure your Arbortech tools perform at their best. Follow the specific care instructions provided with each tool for optimal longevity.

Where can I purchase Arbortech tools?

Arbortech tools are available through Timbecon, both online and in our stores. Visit our website or drop by to explore the full range.

Is there a warranty on Arbortech tools?

Yes, Arbortech tools come with a warranty. The duration and terms vary by product, so please check the specifics for your tool on our website or consult with our staff.

By choosing Arbortech, you're not just selecting a tool; you're embracing a community dedicated to the art and craft of woodworking. Whether you're in the workshop or on-site, Arbortech tools are designed to help you achieve perfection in every cut, carve, and shape. Visit Timbecon today to explore the full range of Arbortech products and discover how you can elevate your woodworking projects to the next level.