Arbortech Mini Turbo Carving Attachment

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    Arbortech Mini Turbo Carving Attachment MIN-510

    Arbortech Mini Turbo Wood Sculpting Kit

    Unlike the Arbortech Turbo Plane, the Wood Sculpting Mini Turbo takes off a smaller amount of material with each pass, meaning you can get extremely fine control. Perfect for wood carving artisans, this makes bowls and other like projects a breeze, allowing you to tackle fine work with incredible detail, very quickly compared to many of the other power sculptors on the market that suffer from a lack of control and efficiency. It's also quite an easy tool to use and replace, as the blades can simply be rotated as they begin to dull over time.

    The Arbortech Mini Turbo Kit is a revelation in wood sculpting. It can be used either directly on the Arbortech Mini Grinder and Mini Carver, or fitted to an angle grinder using the supplied extension adapter. This is an ideal tool to be used freehand or with guides and templates for accuracy. Previously impossible cuts and shapes are now possible. This is the perfect kit for medium size sculpting projects from go to finish.

    Mini Turbo Advantages:

    • Suitable for use with Arbortech Mini Carver or Arbortech Mini Grinder
    • M14 thread. Attaches to standard 115mm (4 ½in) angle grinders
    • Replaceable/Resharpenable Carbide teeth
    • Extend life of Carbide teeth by rotating to new sharp edge
    • Can be used with guides and templates for accuracy

    What we use the Arbortech Mini Turbo Kit For: 

    We find it's brilliant for deep internal profiles, where it leaves a smooth finish which requires minimal sanding. It's thoroughly well designed by Australian engineers, which makes it excellent for precision machining and the limited side exposure improves safety. It's also outstanding for free-formed convex and concave shapes.


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