Bow Products PushPRO Mini Push Stick

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    Bow Products PushPRO Mini Push Stick BPP-2

    BOW Products produce a unique range of featherboards, guides and work holding accessories for woodworking. Made with non-marring high-density foam, BOW Products provide you with superb directional control when machining wood. Perfect for anyone who wants to machine wood safely and free of chatter.

    Machining wood is a fundamental process for every woodworker. And the secret to maintaining a long-term relationship with woodworking is to machine your wood safely. Also, you want smooth results. Machined wood that is free of chatter and unmarred by conventional directional accessories. Are you asking too much? Not anymore. Check out BOW Products.

    BOW Products offer you a range of directional control accessories so you can maintain a long-term smooth relationship with your craft. Produce smooth, chatter free machined wood safely using BOW Products.

    BOW Products PushPRO Mini

    Want a push stick that’s a bit safer than something shaped from an offcut? BOW Products brings you one of the safest push sticks ever made! The PushPRO Push Stick features an ergonomically designed grip with a high-density EVA foam tip. Premade at the perfect length for pushing your wood. Size does matter!

    Ergonomic grip

    The PushPRO Mini is ergonomically designed. This is not just a fancy word for easy to hold. It means you can get a firm grip on your push stick for superior control. Push your wood like a pro!

    Replaceable and reversible EVA foam tip

    The PushPRO features replaceable and reversible EVA foam tips. This has numerous advantages over your bit of offcut:

    • The foam tip won't damage your table saw blade or the push stick's body if accidental contact is made
    • Reversible foam tip uses a V-notch to maintain consistent contact with your material even at a slight angle
    • The EVA foam also reduces vibration back to your hand to give you a smoother cut

    Protect yourself and your wood with BOW Products.

    If it doesn’t feel quite right

    The PushPRO Mini features a clever modular design. The two-piece handle is made from a tough, durable ABS resin that separates so you can add your own customised handle. Adjust the girth and length accordingly for a superb push stick experience.

    What is EVA foam

    EVA foam is the acronym for the closed cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam. This product is durable, water / oil resistant and will absorb vibration and heavy impacts. It is the perfect material for the manufacture of woodworking directional and safety devices.

    Who are BOW Products?

    Based in New York State North America, the BOW Products team are dedicated to solving problems and improving safety for woodworkers everywhere. Choose BOW Products for your workshop, and maintain a long relationship with your craft.
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