Bow Products Non-Slip Bench Mat

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    Bow Products Non-Slip Bench Mat BBM-1824

    Bench Mat is a handy workmate in the workshop or anywhere around the home.

    The Bow Bench Mat is a handy organizer and tool holder for so many projects. Bench Mat holds small pieces in place and keeps your eye on them as they stand out against the Green Bow background. The 2 Ply material protects tools, protects work surfaces and delicate pieces. Ideal for a multitude of applications from tool change outs to repairing soft or delicate parts. Or keeping track of a lot of little pieces. Ideal for delicate work, keeping track of small pieces, and tool maintenance.

    • Grips and Stabilizes Materials and Tools
    • Protects Finished Bench and Tabletop Surfaces
    • Use as Liners in Drawers, Containers or Cabinets
    • General Purpose Mat for Workshop or Anywhere


    • 610 x 450mm
    • 2 Ply TPA Material ( TPA generally exhibits characteristics similar to rubber and is known for durability.)
    • Soft yet strong Durable Material




    $32.90 (inc GST)

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