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    Bow Products FencePRO Featherboard BFP-4

    BOW Products produce a unique range of featherboards, guides and work holding accessories for woodworking. Made with non-marring high-density foam, BOW Products provide you with superb directional control when machining wood. Perfect for anyone who wants to machine wood safely and free of chatter.

    Machining wood is a fundamental process for every woodworker. And the secret to maintaining a long-term relationship with woodworking is to machine your wood safely. Also, you want smooth results. Machined wood that is free of chatter and unmarred by conventional directional accessories. Are you asking too much? Not anymore. Check out BOW Products.

    Do you use a router table and fence? Do you want a featherboard setup that delivers firm downward pressure without marring your wood? Suitable for both router and table saw fence setups, the BOW Products FencePRO featuring EVA foam feathers delivers superb featherboard performance and safety.

    BOW Products FencePRO Featherboard

    Perfect for both your router and table saw fence, BOW Products FencePRO Featherboard delivers you firm downward pressure without marring your wood. This unique set includes two individual featherboards with EVA foam fingers and two 38mm T bolts each with a generous ergonomic knob. Simply slide the FencePRO into your fence T track and fix in position.

    The EVA foam feathers

    At the heart of the FencePRO are the EVA foam feathers. EVA feathers provide excellent infeed and outfeed control for the cleanest cut. Combined with BOW Products living hinge featherboard design, EVA foam has slight pliability which pinch the board against the table and absorb kickback forces immediately as the board moves backwards. As feather tension is applied, the feathers lay down for greater surface contact holding your wood secure against the table and minimising wiggle.

    Stack em wide

    The two FencePro Featherboards in your set can also be stacked using the 57mm T bolt also provided. Great if you are machining extra wide materials, particularly if it is super thin. And the 102mm (4”) travel slot of each FencePRO allows you to easily go high or super low to match the thickness on the material you are machining.

    What’s in the FencePRO Set?

    Your FencePRO Featherboard set includes:

    • 2 x FencePRO Featherboards with replaceable EVA foam feather tips

    • 2 x 38mm T bolts

    • 1 x 57mm T bolt

    • 2 x Ergonomic fixing knobs

    • Instruction booklet

    Exceptional safety

    The FencePRO Featherboard provides you with exceptional safety when machining wood. The EVA feathers fight kickback while providing a firm smooth glide with minimised vibration. Maintain a long-term relationship with your craft using BOW Products FencePRO Featherboards.

    Kickback Prevention

    FencePRO virtually arrests kickback. EVA foam combines with the BOW Products living hinge design to pinch board against the table and absorb kickback forces. Provides five times greater kickback resistance than plastic or wood feathers. Machine safely with confidence.

    Superb feed control

    EVA feathers increase the amount of surface contact on the work piece, ensuring a smoother glide and superior infeed control. And substantially reduces the wiggle you get with plastic feathers. Create smooth chatter free results in a single pass.

    Cleanest cut

    EVA Feathers absorb vibration and minimise chatter for a cleaner cut. Feathers are non-marring on even the softest woods. Minimise rework with BOW Products Featherboards.

    Deep height adjustment

    The 102mm (4”) travel slot of each FencePRO allows you to go high or super low to match the thickness on the material you are machining. Adjustment is made with the twist of a single ergonomic knob. These FencePRO’s can be set to suit most tasks easily with no more time-consuming fiddling around.

    Stack em wide

    The extra-long 57mm T bolt included in your FencePRO set lets you stack your two FencePRO’s side by side to create an extra wide single featherboard. This provides maximum stability on wide sections of wood, particularly if it is super thin. You can now handle the most delicate of machining tasks drama free.

    What is EVA foam

    EVA foam is the acronym for the closed cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam. This product is durable, water / oil resistant and will absorb vibration and heavy impacts. It is the perfect material for the manufacture of woodworking directional and safety devices.

    Who are BOW Products?

    Based in New York State North America, the BOW Products team are dedicated to solving problems and improving safety for woodworkers everywhere. Choose BOW Products for your workshop and maintain a long relationship with your craft.


    BOW Products


    FencePRO Featherboard

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    2 years limited

    Featherboard and knob materials

    ABS plastic

    Feathers material

    EVA foam

    T bolt dimensions – standard x 2

    8 x 38mm

    T bolt dimensions - stacked

    8 x 57mm

    T bolt head dimensions

    2.3 x 8 x 18mm

    Travel slot

    102mm (4”)

    $64.90 (inc GST)

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