Baladonia Standard Toolrest Kit

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    Baladonia Standard Toolrest Kit TRKSTD-1

    Not sure what tool rest size you need? This modular kit solves the problem by giving you eight different tool rest size combinations - two shaft sizes of 5/8in (standard on mini lathes) and 1in (standard on full-size lathes) with four post lengths.

    Simply grip the crossbar and unscrew shaft from the crossbar using the included allen key then remount the shaft on to the other required crossbar. Each crossbar is produced solid, round hardened 18mm bright steel and comes in 100mm, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm lengths. The benefit of round bar is that it provides some control when turning and is less likely to nick when dig-ins occur.

    The overall height of the tool rests when mounted on the two shafts are - 

    5/8in shaft = 100mm High
    1in shaft = 150mm High

    The 1in shaft can be used on all current Sherwood lathes that have standard 25mm tool rest holders. 

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