Baladonia Plastic Bench Dogs

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    Baladonia Plastic Bench Dogs PBD-4-Q

    Why would you buy a bench dog when you could make your own?

    A bit of dowel anyone? To be honest, there are so many work bench dogs and pups on the market that you could - and should - simply build yourself. For $1 you can build reliable bench dogs that will actually perform a decent job. So then why does one particular brand of bench dog sell so darn well and has done for so many years?

    Unlike some of the brass and other materials on offer, including hard woods, Baladonia bench dogs won't damage your tools. Period. They're kind to all forms of hardware, but best of all they're incredibly snug-fitting, the result of a careful moulding process that leaves each dog precision-cut for the standard 3/4in dog holes that you get in any pre-dog-holed bench. Although the holes are definitely something you can cut yourself.

    High quality, textured for extra grip with precision grooves

    The issue with springed dog holes is that not only do the springs tend to jam or break, leaving you a sharp, annoying piece of wired metal in your dog or hole, but the springs tend to give up on you at the worst possible time. Although we enjoy them for certain projects, we also find that a sturdy set of reliable dogs that won't move in the hole are a necessity.

    Work bench dog specifications

    This set of four plastic bench dogs are designed to suit the common 19mm (3/4in) round bench dog holes. They have a low profile of 19mm and will not damage your plane irons or chisels if accidentally hit. 


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