Automatic Centre Punch

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    Automatic Centre Punch MJ-845

    Automatic Centre Punch

    The 98mm long knurled brass handle of this spring-loaded centre punch fits comfortably in the hand, and the 25mm long hardened steel point makes marking centre points quick and easy. The point will press easily into softwoods, but by pushing down on the handle, the snap spring will mark a deep point in the hardest materials quickly and accurately. Sharpen the point to use as a scratch awl as well.


    What is an automatic centre punch, and how does it work?

    An automatic centre punch is a hand tool designed to create a dimple or small indentation in a material, serving as a guide mark for drilling or starting screws. It operates through a spring-loaded mechanism; when pressed against the surface with sufficient force, the internal spring is compressed and released, driving the punch tip into the material without needing a hammer. This tool is invaluable for precise positioning in drilling operations, ensuring that drill bits do not wander from the intended start point.

    Can an automatic centre punch be used on different materials?

    An automatic centre punch can be used on various materials, including some metals, plastics, wood, and more. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any toolkit, allowing it to mark accurately across different surfaces. Whether you're working on a delicate woodworking project or handling metalworking tasks, the spring-loaded centre punch ensures that you can apply a consistent force for clean and precise marks every time.

    Can I use a centre punch for both woodworking and metalworking?

    A centre punch, especially an automatic or spring-loaded centre punch, is suitable for woodworking and metalworking applications. In woodworking, it can be used to mark drill points for dowels or screws, ensuring accurate alignment. In metalworking, marking drill start points on metals is essential to prevent drill bits from slipping. Its versatility and ease of use make the centre punch indispensable for various crafting and construction tasks.

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