Armor Tool Auto Pro Bench Dog Clamp Kit

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    Armor Tool Auto Pro Bench Dog Clamp Kit TTSCKIT-1

    Armor Tool's Auto-Adjusting Clamp Value Collection: The Dog Hole Workbench Clamp Kit.

    We're massive fans of Armor Tool's dog hole clamps here, so we've put our favourites together in a fantastic value clamping kit so you can revolutionise - to use a far overused term in woodworking - your clamping collection without having to stuff around individually, spending a small fortune to find out which work best.

    We'll run you through what we like about each clamp individually below or you can click on the links back to each individual product page, but we'll start with the obvious - the auto-adjusting clamp mechanism is the first (and perhaps only) genuine revolutionary design improvement in clamping this century. We firmly believe, as professional woodworkers, that they are an essential addition to any enthusiast's arsenal due to how much time they save on the workshop floor.

    First, what's included in the Auto Pro Clamping Kit

    What do we like so much about these individual clamps?

    2x Auto-PRO™ Hold-down Clamps

    Armor Tool have taken one of their Auto-PRO Horizontal Toggle Clamps and rather than securing it with a mounting plate, they supply it with a serrated 19mm (3/4in) bench dog post which grips into the dog hole very securely - allowing greater clamping pressure to be applied without slipping. 

    The benefit of this over any other type of toggle clamp is that it provides fast placement in a 360° radius around the dog hole over a massive height range from as 0 - 175mm (7in) along with the fast setup times of Armor Tool's Auto-PRO technology.

    Traditional hold-downs have the same long post for standard 19mm dog holes, however suffer from having to turn a knob until the desired clamping pressure is achieved. Just adjust the post roughly close to where it should be, then push the clamp handle down to lock the clamp in position over the work piece. It is literally a snap.

    2x Auto-PRO™ Inline Clamps

    Not all work piece clamping on a bench works by holding the piece down - clamping from the side means the top of your workpiece is unobstructed for easy machining and sanding. The clamp pivots 360°, allowing you to locate it near the workpiece edge to minimize obstructions. It also have a shallow V relief cut into the face, allowing for gripping the corners of boxes and/or on curved work pieces - further expanding its usefulness.

    Because it generally works close to the bench top, Armor Tool have fitted it with a split-pin dog that is adjustable between the standard 19mm (3/4in) dog hole and 20mm for European dog holes such as the Festool MFT. It is serrated so it grips securely into the dog hole and will never slip even with maximum pressure applied.

    The clamp arm can be adjusted in and out over a full 90mm range in seconds before applying final clamping pressue with the flick of the locking handle, allowing you to easily clamp items even if they are quite some distance from the track.

    1x Auto-PRO™ 8in Dog Fence and 1x Auto-PRO™ 14in Dog Fence

    Armor Auto-PRO Peg Fences easily slide into the table and allow you to position and brace materials or set up corners. Dog Fences are reversible with a high side and a low side to accommodate variations in work thickness and length for sanding and routing. Comes with two 76mm tall, 19mm (3⁄4in) diameter dogs that grip securely into standard traditional dog holes.

    The Dogs fit into a track under the Dog Fence and spacing can be easily adjusted. The Dog Fence height is 32mm on tall side, and 16mm on short side which should suit most applications.

    Ideal for use with Armor’s patented Auto-PRO Horizontal and In-Line Dog Clamps in their Auto-PRO workbenches but can be used in any workbench with the appropriately drilled dog holes in conjunction with any other work holding devices. 

    The Armor Tool Clamps can also be used with their workbench system

    This kit is for the clamps only! The Armor tool table is available separately. If you're looking at buying the Auto-PRO™ Workbench System or making a version of your own, this is a great kit to consider as you can get the most popular clamps and accessories by placing an order for just the kit for one great low price. This kit contains the following items - 

    $399.90 (inc GST)

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