Sherwood Needle Felt Filter Dust Extractor Bags 370mm Diameter Suits 1HP Units

  • Sherwood Needle Felt Filter Dust Extractor Bags 370mm Diameter Suits 1HP Units NFB-230

    Dust Extractor Filter Bags with Needle Felt for incredible filtration

    370mm Diameter Needle Felt Filter Bag Suits 1HP Units

    It's gob-smacking how many woodworkers still run the old cloth bags on top of their dust extractors when state of the art needle felt filtration - meaning the dust filtration bags have different surfaces and are specially treated - creates such a better result at such a cost effective price. Sherwood's needle felt bags are top of the line and you'll be hard pressed to find a better filter bag at this price point. Many similar come at a far greater cost.

    Dust Extractor Filter Bag Features

    • Specially woven needle felt
    • Incredibly fine filtration, using the most technologically advanced sewing technologies
    • Available at an extremely cost effective price, as they're standard on all Sherwood dust extractors
    • Far superior in every way to old cloth bags
    • Increases the lifespan of your dust extractor

    Extractor Needle Felt Filter Bags

    Needle felt bags are now standard on most brands of extractors these days. If you still have an old cloth bag this is a cheap and easy upgrade to get better filtration on your extractor or as a replacement if you’ve just worn out or damaged your current one. One of the best practical improvements of using needle felt is they become much more durable, they last longer in tougher workshop conditions and as a result, they'll save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

    But you still can't go past the extra filtration they give your extractor, lengthening its lifespan as well and preventing some of those nasty, dust particles entering your workshop atmosphere and buggering up the point of having an extractor in the first place.

    It's important to note that these should be used in conjunction with plastic collection bags, otherwise the value of having improved filtration on the top bag will be lost.  

    $29.90 (inc GST)

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