Sherwood 400CFM Room Cleaner Air Purifier Workshop Air Filtration

  • Sherwood 400CFM Room Cleaner Air Purifier Workshop Air Filtration SWRC-400

    Sherwood's 400CFM Room Cleaner Air Filter

    A great value room cleaner to remove that nuisance dust in your shop. It features a two-stage filtration process that will clean dust down to 1 micron. The 3 speed timer function allows for the unit to be left to run for a period of time after you have finished in the workshop.

    This unit will provide effective two stage filtration for workshops up to 113m3.

    For best results, your room cleaner should be mounted to the roof of your workshop where most of the ambient dust is generated.

    Why is Sherwood's Air Filter so important?

    Unlike some of the cheaper import knock offs you find, these air filters are guaranteed to purify your workshop air, tackling those smaller particles that are horrible for your health. All us industry know-it-alls have known for a very long time that dust is horrible for your health and carcinogenic, not to mention the effect is has on your breathing. Oh, and your machinery!

    That's why these days, an air filter is about the minimum requirement. There isn't an air filter on the market anywhere that's a substitute for a dust extractor, don't even think about it. However if you're working in a well ventilated area and only producing small amounts, well then you can't get any better than this.


    • Air Flow 400CFM
    • Efficient Workshop Size - 113m3
    • Motor Size - 1/8HP
    • Unit Size - H258 x W431 x D514 mm
    • Weight - 22kg
    • All Sherwood machinery is backed by a 5 year warranty.
    $325.00 (inc GST)

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